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I studied Political Science at Mount Saint Mary’s University from 1993-1995 before leaving to get a head start on being an adult.  My career in the financial services industry began as a finance manager in the automobile industry.  After 20 years of helping people obtain loans for their second largest purchase, I decided to change careers and move on to number one.  There is a great deal of responsibility that is taken on when you play a key part in helping folks finalize and secure their home, but the reward is so worth it.  There are so many moving parts, last minute changes, and phone calls any time… day or night.  It is this very serious responsibility that drives my actions, to be the best at what I do for my company and be everything to my clients that I would want if I were in their shoes.

I pride myself on paying attention to the little details while providing clear and concise information in a timely manner.  Any Loan Officer can help you get a loan, but a bad Loan officer can ruin your experience.  If you want it done right, I’m your guy. 

And just in case you are wondering who we found to help with the financing of our new Charleston home, Carolina One Mortgage, of course….

Carolina One Mortgage and myself offer mortgages of every variety.   Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA.  We even have our own “Smart Series” of loans, for out of the box situations.    We deal in new construction, existing home sales, and refinancing of your existing mortgage.  We offer a full on-line experience, or if you prefer, a good old fashioned in-person sit down.  If you are in the market for a home loan, we do it best, and I can help.

SC License # MLO - 1390555

I recently purchased a home here in Moncks Corner and Jeff Johnson helped me with the loan process. He was absolutely amazing in processing our loan within the 30 day window I requested and the helped me shorten that window by a week when the seller demanded it. Jeff was literally working with me over the telephone into late evening hours (I am pretty sure sacrificing family time) while convalescing from surgery. I had already secured pre-approval from USAA with a descent APR and some extra cash in the deal. Jeff was able to beat the APR by 1/4 % and matched the cash incentive in the form of a credit during closing thus earning my business. He took the time to research about my VA benefits, discovered not all had been reinstated when we sold our home in Florida and took care of processing the reinstatement. In addition he advised me about how to time the closings between our recent sale and this purchase so that I could used the newly reinstated VA benefits to secure the new loan. In addition he helped me secure the best deal in homeowners insurance through Carolina One and maintained open communication with that agent, my realtor and with me thus ensuring transparency throughout the process. I feel Jeff went the extra mile not only to earn my business but through his friendly approach and constant availability also leave me completely satisfied with his service. He represents your company extremely well.
L. Rivera
I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I enjoyed working with Jeff Johnson and Lesley Stover from your Charleston Office. I never thought I would say that about obtaining a home loan but this experience was about as positive (and painless) of an experience that my wife and I could have had. Jeff was extremely responsive during each stage of the process including providing detailed explanations of the cost breakdown long past our normal working hours (late night, weekends, etc.) and also provided honest explanations why the process appeared to not be moving. Lesley was also just as responsive making sure we supplied information in a timely manner. Bottom line is Jeff and Lesley had us ready to close on time and without negative financial surprises at closing (a first for me). My wife and I are excited to move into our new home next week.
B. Cunningham
Jeff Johnson and his partner Jason are the reason I got my VA loan approved when USSA failed. Most realtor and mortgage companies try to get you a house, but Carolina One gave me a home.
D. Andrews
We recently closed on a house that Jeffrey Johnson negotiated our loan. I'd like to preface this by saying that we had worked with another mortgage company with a previous house we were looking to buy. The difference between the two lending officers was night and day. Long story short, the first lending officer was trying to push us into committing mortgage fraud. When we met with Jeffrey initially, he listened to our concerns and addressed each one. He then went to work to pre-qualify us for the next house we were looking at. He suggested something that no other lending officer has ever offered: the advantages of buying down points. This option was initially a bit confusing to us, but Jeffrey calmly and patiently explained how the process worked and let us decide if this would be a good option for us (it was). The house we were first looking at fell through due to repairs that the seller wasn't agreeable to fixing. We found a different house and Jeffrey went to work for us. He kept things simple and easy. When appraisals weren't made in a timely fashion, we feel Jeffrey went above and beyond to make sure things happened. Although it was like, in Jeffrey's words, "pushing rope", he made things happen. Throughout the entire process in our dealings with Jeffrey, he worked in our best interest, kept us updated no matter the time of day or night and we felt as though we were the only client we had. As a Relocation Consultant for a major moving company, I meet a lot of people who are in the beginning process of house-buying. I'm keeping Jeffrey's information with me so that I can refer him to whoever I might. I'm totally confident in his ability to serve his customers at the highest level.


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